The Judge (2014)

It seems hard to judge a judge, but I’ll hop onto the witness stand and swear under oath about how I feel about this movie. The Judge has its high and low points. I felt like this was some incredible acting from both Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. Then  there were some scenes and plot-lines thrown in that muddied the waters of this films plot. They should have focused more on the thriller aspect on whether the Judge murdered someone, instead we get some side stories about past loves, making out with family members (doesn’t look good on Indiana!) and making home movies on an old camera. I do think this movie was quite good at points, and others I felt a little bored. Still, I would have happily given the Oscar to Duvall as his role in this film was quite good, even Robert Downey Jr. could have been nominated for this. Also, Vera Farmiga can be in every film, as she is quite lovely and Leighton Meester as the daughter was an excellent choice too. It’s an uneven film, but still worth watching, take a stand and judge it for yourself.



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The Judge (2014)


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