Poison Ivy 2: Lily (1996)

This ivy gives you more of a rash than it will poison you. Poison Ivy 2 really isn’t that great of a film. Alyssa Milano plays a young girl from Michigan who travels to Los Angeles to become a painter. She finds that she doesn’t fit in among the artists. She finds a diary written by a girl named Ivy and she tumbles into a dark work of seduction. This movie would be steamy except the male characters that poor Milano was put with were pretty gross looking dudes. One guy looked like a 90’s German blacksmith and the other was a balding older man/whiny painter. A little better than charmed, but not by much. I’d say skip this one and watch Project Runway All-Stars instead to get your Alyssa Milano fix.


ReelReelHalf Reel

For more information on this film,
visit the imdb.com page:
Poison Ivy 2: Lily (1996)


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