Into the Woods (2014)

I wouldn’t want to get lost in these woods forever, but it was a fun little stroll towards Grandma’s house. This movie had some really catchy tunes, due to it being a popular musical. The cast was pretty great with the standouts being Johnny Depp as the Wolf, Lilla Crawford as Red Riding Hood and Emily Blunt as the Baker’s Wife. I also really enjoyed Chris Pine as the Prince; he’s good at playing someone really pompous. There was some good humor and nice costumes and sets, but one complaint I have about this film is about 2/3 through the movie it feels like it ends and the credits should roll, until you find out there is another third of the movie left, and that last third isn’t very good. Glad to see more musicals being made into films, but I hope they can be pieced together better.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Into the Woods (2014)


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