St. Vincent (2014)

A divine comedy where a curmudgeonly old man finds his saintliness by helping a young boy out that lives next door. I must say, this is Melissa McCarthy’s best movie. She plays a good mom and isn’t being terribly annoying or making fat jokes about herself. The movie starts off pretty racy but has moments so sweet you’ll tear up or even cry at. Bill Murray has a great performance and Naomi Watts plays an interesting woman of the night (I assume she works at night). Check this film out, it’s funny, sweet and just a really good film.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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St. Vincent (2014)


2 thoughts on “St. Vincent (2014)

    • Yeah, I love Chris O’Dowd, he has the best accent ever. That part about him being Jewish was really funny. Such a fun film, I’m glad you liked it too! Have a great day!

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