Orlando (1992)

Oh, Orlando. I had high hopes for this film as a friend strongly recommended this to me. Sadly, the movie was as dry as a powdered wig that’s been sitting on a shelf too long. Swinton did a fine job as both a man and a woman as this Virginia Woolf movie explores gender, but the story itself is a bit far-fetched and they really don’t explain well why she lives forever. I guess the Queen told her to never age, but I never knew Queen’s were the secret to the fountain of youth (oh and they can change your gender). Billy Zane had too small of a part in this, even though he was almost billed as a main character. This film wasn’t terrible, but on the low end of being a ho-hum fine film. At least this film didn’t take forever to watch, it was short but I was glad when it was over.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Orlando (1992)


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