Fury (2014)

Tanks for the memories David Ayer. This film was really good, and I’m not a fan of war movies. It’s not that I’m for or against it, I just don’t like the genre. This movie did a great job of showing how brutal war is, you actually see a side of someones face that got scraped off inside then tank. The deaths in the movie are BRUTAL. This movie also had Shia LaBeouf be semi-likable which is a tough accomplishment. I loved Logan Lerman’s character and Alicia von Rittberg might be my new favorite German actress.
The battles were really cool and the final act of the film was very reminiscent of 300. Brad Pitt loves killing Nazi’s and I’m okay for him to continue that hobby because he does a great job of it.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Fury (2014)


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