Tammy (2014)

This movie needs to turn in its badge and paper bag gun. Tammy was kind of a disappointing mess. It was having more of an identity crisis than its main character Tammy, played by Melissa McCarthy. Was it a crime film, a comedy, a buddy film, a road trip movie, a romance perhaps? It tried to be all these things and never really reached what it was supposed to be. So even though MCCarthy’s life was a mess, she looked neat and tidy compared to the plot. Susan Sarandon was the worst part of this film. She was trying to be Bad Grandma, like the semi-successful Bad Grandpa, and she couldn’t pull it off. She was a dry humored boring alcoholic and I wasn’t sure why she was in this film, or Dan Aykroyd for that matter, or Mark Duplass, or Allison Janney or Kathy Bates or Toni Collette… really, how the heck did this bad film get such a good cast? Just like dogs and cats, it will remain a mystery.



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Tammy (2014)


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