Interstellar (2014)

Interesting and Stellar: Interstellar. Christopher Nolan once again never fails to impress. Sure, this film was REALLY long… but I got over that by watching it in two parts. The first half of the movie provides a good mystery involving a ghost leaving Morse code in dust. The second half is a beautiful trip among the stars. I love a good sci-fi movie that has some interesting and believable science. None of this film felt like it totally couldn’t happen. I thought McConaughey did a fine acting job, although I didn’t like Hathaway too much. The film could have used a lot more Jessica Chastain, but I feel that way about every movie. I was surprised to see Matt Damon, Casey Affleck and Topher Grace in this movie. The scene with the bookcases toward the end was one of the most trippy things I’ve seen in a while. I just though the film was really fun and thought-provoking. If you love science fiction or Christopher Nolan I would encourage you to don your space suit and take a trip to the stars.



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Interstellar (2014)


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