A Christmas Story (1983)

This movie is good as fudge, except I didn’t say fudge. I just love this movie, it’s a Christmas classic you can watch at any time (I mean I watched it in the middle of March for Kris-Kringle sakes!). There are a few parts that drag a little, which hurt the movie’s rating, but otherwise I really like it. I enjoy little Ralphie’s wild imagination from Black Bart creeping in his back yard, to him schmoozing his teacher with his perfectly written theme. Plus, the real star of this film is “Blue” his Red Ryder BB gun. What a beauty. Oh and don’t forget the Italian Fragile Leg Lamp. Classic. Put on your favorite reindeer slippers, heat up some pipin’ hot cocoa and watch this film. Just don’t shoot your eye out before the film, I heard it impedes your viewing pleasure.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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A Christmas Story (1983)


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