The Blues Brothers (1980)

Talk about a film that won’t give you the blues! This movie was hilarious. This was my first time seeing this film and I must say, what have I been doing these last 30+ years? Dan Aykroyd not only did some fine acting but did some great writing for this movie. John Belushi was also awesome as Aykroyd’s brother Jake. I nearly busted a gut laughing in this, especially in the many amazing chase/crash scenes with the cops, Nazi’s and angry people from Nashville. The movie was not only a great comedy and action film but it was an amazing musical with awesome cameos like Aretha Franklin, James Brown and Ray Charles. Carrie Fisher was my favorite part as the would-be assassin of Jake Blues (Belushi). This film is a really great time, I suggest you see it.



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The Blues Brothers (1980)


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