Neighbors (2014)

Hello neighbor! I really liked this movie. Yeah, it’s a bit crude at times, ok a lot crude… but man I laughed hard during this film. This wasn’t a breakout role for Rogen or anything, he just does what he does well… playing a pot smoking lovable guy. At least this time they throw him into the role of a parent trying to find out how to do the whole parenting thing. I loved Rose Byrne in this and I think she stole the whole show, the scene at the party where she tries to break the couple up was epic and I loved that she was using her actual accent for once. All the frat boys like Efron, Mintz-Plasse and Franco were all pretty funny. The flooded basement scene made me laugh until my stomach hurt. The movie is really strong through 2/3 of the film… the final chapter drags a little bit but I loved the sweet ending. If you don’t mind some dirty humor, this movie is great.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Neighbors (2014)


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