The Shining (1980)

A shining example of a great horror film. Stanley Kubrick brings his unique style of film making to Stephen King’s interesting style of writing. Throw a crazier than an outhouse mouse Jack Nicholson into the mix and you have a great movie. The shots that Kubrick does in this film are amazing and Nicholson will scare you and make you start laughing within minutes of each other. This is probably some of the most solid acting I’ve seen him do. Some of his expressions are like staring into the soul of madness. Shelley Duvall serves her purpose in this film but I’m not surprised she was nominated for a Razzie award for this movie. The small boy was great in this with his imaginary friend “Tony” who lives in his mouth. The redrum scene is one of my favorites. There are many theories about hidden meanings in this film, but one thing that is in plain sight is how excellent this film is. Check this one out if you want to see a good horror film that isn’t just about people being tortured or murdered.



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The Shining (1980)


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