Amadeus (1984)

This film was music to my ears, it was quite enjoyable for the most part. This is the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, maybe you’ve heard of him… but it was also the story of Antonio Salieri (you probably haven’t heard of him) and that’s the point of this film. It’s sort of a movie about two composers who are rivals, except Mozart hardly sees Salieri as a rival because he’s just so dang good. F. Murray Abraham won an Oscar for his role as Salieri and for good reason and even though Tom Hulce didn’t get anything for playing Mozart, he was quite hilarious with his weird little laugh. Elizabeth Berridge plays Mozart’s wife, I must say I’ve never seen her in any films but she is quite stunning and I loved her in this movie. This movie would have scored more points but it starts to drag in the last hour of the film and when it’s three hours long you can’t have a film do that. The first two thirds of the film are fantastic though. If you like classical music at all this film is really interesting and the soundtrack is awesome. You also get to see some great scenes from some operas.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Amadeus (1984)


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