Birdman (2014)

Here’s the final word on the bird… I thought this movie was cool, but just not great. I thought the acting by Keaton and Norton was fantastic. I think they could have given a bigger part to Watts and Riseborough. Zach Galifianakis was hardly recognizable because he looked so skinny (oh and he also was good in this). I think that this wasn’t Emma Stone’s best movie, but I’m glad she’s starting to do more noteworthy projects. The director of this has an off and on good and bad relationship with me. This wasn’t his worst or best film though. I think that the pace of the film was too frantic and there was a little too much dialogue, it started to make me tired and I wanted to stop listening to potentially good lines. I also think the ending left me wanting more, I never understood whether Keaton had powers or was just crazy. It was a very interesting backstage look at the egos of Broadway. It definitely had some entertainment but it wasn’t a home run film for me. I would still check it out if you like movies that march to the beat of their own drum.


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Birdman (2014)


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