Soggy Bottom, USA (1980)

People definitely got soggy in this film where it had the most boat crashes I’ve seen in a single film. This comedy set in Soggy Bottom, Louisiana is zany to put it mildly. The acting is way over the top and the sight gags and physical humor are almost non-stop. I found myself laughing quite a bit, especially with all the boat catastrophes that happen throughout the film. The main plot of the film is a coon dog competition and who will have the better coon dog, especially with this fancy woman from Tennessee named Dusty with her coon dog “Lord Byron”. This was filmed in the town that I live in right now, Marshall, TX. I must say it was interesting to see this film, I might have never checked this one out if I hadn’t lived here but it does have its ups and downs. I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone but it was kind of funny. Also a pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson is in this film. If you like over-the-top wacky humor this might be up your alley.


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Soggy Bottom, USA (1980)


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