Boyhood (2014)

Oh boy. This movie was terrible. I normally like Richard Linklater movies, but this one was a colossal waste of time. It may have been a film twelve years in the making but with a run-time of almost three hours, it felt like it took twelve years to watch. I also think that they took a huge gamble choosing a project with such a young kid. Child actors don’t always work out. Ellar Coltrane really wasn’t very good at acting, and don’t even get me started with Linklater’s daughter who shouldn’t be acting in films either. Ethan Hawke seemed bored in the role and made me miss him in better movies like Gattaca. Patricia Arquette did a better job but still, I think an Oscar nomination for her performance was definitely undeserved. Linklater needs to go back to good movies like Bernie and School of Rock… because this art-house 12 year ambition, not only wasted my time but years of other people’s time. Skip this movie and watch something a lot better like American Sniper or just about anything. This movie was painfully boring.


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Boyhood (2014)


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