Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla was missing its spark. This movie bored me to tears for an action/sci-fi film. It started off pretty well with Bryan Cranston being an eccentric Nuclear plant worker… and then it all fell apart after that. Ken Wantanabe wasn’t used nearly enough and I thought that both Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen were strange casting choices for this film. I have to give props to Aaron Taylor-Johnson for bulking up in this film, I barely recognized him. My main complaint for this film was the utter darkness most of the action took place in. I found myself squinting at the tv over and over trying to decipher what was going on, just hearing beastial sounds echoing over my speakers. I felt like I was sitting blindfolded during a UFC match just listening to the grunts of the contestants attacking each other and missing out on all the brutal action. The only time you get a good look at Godzilla is after the fighting is over and he walks away for the long goodbye shot. So the only time they showed anything in any good lighting was when the story was already over. A true disappointment. I’ll take Pacific Rim over this any day.



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Godzilla (2014)


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