Airplane! (1980)

I must have had the fish before watching this film. I just didn’t like it as much as I did in the past. Have I seen too many spoofs? Maybe. There were a number of jokes that are still funny to me. The part with the old white lady speaking jive was great and the people getting in line to slap the hysterical lady telling her to “get a hold of herself” never gets old. Leslie Nielsen is still the King of dry humor. As far as Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty… I didn’t love them. Neither one of them made me laugh much. I loved Peter Graves talking to the young boy in the cockpit. I guess I just wished I would have laughed more, like I said… maybe I had the fish and didn’t find this as funny. Should have went with the chicken.



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4 thoughts on “Airplane! (1980)

  1. For some reason my favorite part of this movie is at the end when Robert Stack is talking about his childhood “Chistmas was a living hell…kicked in the face…with an iron boot!” Not sure why that’s funny; it’s a tad morbid but it’s great!

    • I’m a fan of morbid jokes too, I like when the people lined up to beat some sense into that girl and you see people with wrenches and guns. Pretty morbid but makes me laugh every time!

  2. The thing about spoofs is, they are intentionally full of topical jokes most relevant to that time. They rarely seem as funny decades later. Back then no one had seen Peter Graves do comedy, and Leslie Nielsen wasn’t known for it either. The most timeless things are ones like the wacky control room guy Johnny, who ad-libbed most of his dialogue, and the plane front coming through the wall, which was a practical effect in the days before CGI. The jive talking old lady was a casting in-joke. She was played by Barbara Billingsley, the mom from Leave it to Beaver, one of the “whitest” TV characters ever.

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