Casino (1995)

I wouldn’t bet on this movie. It has some high points and lows but the house doesn’t win this time. I found myself being quite bored through a lot of this. This just feels like every other movie Scorsese makes. A lot of voiceovers and bad people doing bad things while feds listen in and try to catch them in some bungling way. It just feels like a 3 hour re-run that people tell you to watch. Now the acting was very good in it. De Niro is always a talented actor and this is one of Pesci’s best movies. Sharon Stone was crazy as an outhouse mouse in this. She was Sharon Stoned half the time… but it does take some acting chops to be that crazy for that long. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really just don’t like Scorsese films. I put up with them but I’d never rush to a theater to see them. If you seen one, you’ve probably seen most of them. I’m hoping to be proven wrong someday.



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Casino (1995)


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