The Rock (1996)

A film with more action than Sean Connery’s birthday, this Michael Bay movie is actually pretty good. It has a lot of cool stuff like Ed Harris as a bad guy. Sean Connery as a semi-dubious bad guy and Nicolas Cage as the goofy good guy who knows his chemicals. Cage’s performance like most of them is hilarious due to his overly expressive face. Connery looke really cool with his long hair, and that thing he does to the two-way mirror with a quarter is pretty awesome. The action is over-the-top but hey, it’s Michael Bay… deal with it! It starts to drag somewhere toward the middle but finishes pretty strong. It’s an extremely lengthy action-film, but just enjoy the pretty fireworks that Bay provides.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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The Rock (1996)


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