Deep Rising (1998)

A movie doesn’t have to be deep, to be enjoyable. Deep Rising has everything a good B-Movie needs… it has bad CGI, dorky bad guys and just unbelievable events that unfold throughout the film. Treat Williams does a great job keeping the cheesiness flowing in the film with his boyish good looks and his devil may care attitude. Famke Janssen brings some much needed smoulder to the movie as the sexy thief. The movie feels like a strange mix of Titanic, Oceans Eleven and the Abyss. Very gory and funny at times, this movie is an excellent 90’s representation of a mindless action/sci-fi flick. Not everyone will like this, but I found it quite enjoyable. Plus, Famke Janssen… she’s just great. See this.



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Deep Rising (1998)


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