The Prince (2014)

Taken now known as Prince. Well, you can sort of compare this to the movie Taken except it’s a lot more boring and really under-uses their star power. Cusack and Willis are barely in this, when they are they don’t seem like they want to be in this movie. I’m guessing they are paying off some alimony or something. The writing is really bad in this and the enemies are so dumb they walk right into bullet fire. Jessica Lowndes was really dumb in this film, she annoyed me to no end, and honestly if my daughter was as bad as Gia Mantegna I wouldn’t try and find her. This movie has more annoying lines than bullets and Bruce Willis’ over-acting will make you cringe. Honestly they should do a cross-over sequel with Nick Cage from Rage and Willis from this film. They can just out-shout each other and act crazy. Skip this one, this Prince should be removed from Court.



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The Prince (2014)


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