Mulan (1998)

After reflecting on this film, I’m ready to get down to business on the review. Mulan is one of Disney’s best, last hand drawn animations. Watching this made me miss those kind of films. I guess Princess and the Frog is pretty great, but I would trade all the CGI Disney/Pixar films for a few more of these classics like Mulan, Hercules and Aladdin. Mulan is especially cool because the lead female isn’t a Princess, nor does she act like one. The story is interesting and exciting with fantastic music. You’ll be humming these songs for days to come. I didn’t love Eddie Murphy as Mushu but he didn’t ruin the film either. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney heroes and I would say that I could watch this over and over and not tire of it. Excellent Disney film, check this one out if you haven’t. I waited 9 years too long to see this the first time and I regretted it.



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Mulan (1998)


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