Child’s Play (1988)

Hi, wanna play? This film isn’t nearly as creepy now, but it has its moments. I must say the camera work in this film is pretty good. I loved the quick and low to the ground point of view from Chucky’s perspective. I also just love the voodoo aspect of the movie also the special effects and puppetry were really darn good. Chucky is the creepiest ginger you’ll run into with a foul mouth and a deep love of strangulation. Little Andy did a pretty good job for a child actor, he did a lot better playing cute than scared though. Brad Dourif as Chucky’s voice (and for a short period as the human Charles Ray) has an awesome voice for a villain. Just remember to aim for the heart and you’ll survive this fun, albeit cheesy at times horror film.



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Child’s Play (1988)


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