Speed (1994)

Woah. This is one wildcat of a film! The time ticks by quicker than a cheap gold watch. Keanu Reeves sticks to what he is good at, action without a lot of drama. I wouldn’t say his performance was perfect though, he has quite a few cringe-worthy lines throughout this performance. The film is pulse pounding and does make me want to stay off public transportation. Sandra Bullock was very funny and beautiful in this. Jeff Daniels had a very odd role as a bomb squad leader and Dennis Hopper is the awesome, maniacal laughing bomber of the film, so crazy he might just lose his head. This movie is a lot of fun, the definition of a Summer Blockbuster. Watch this for a good quickening of the heart.



For more information on this film,
visit the imdb.com page:
Speed (1994)


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