They Came Together (2014)

We all came together to watch this spoof, but left in separate directions. I’m very split on this film, on one hand I laughed a lot at several parts. On the other, there were quite a few jokes that fell flat and the ending was bordering on awful. I liked Paul Rudd a lot better than his romantic counterpart Amy Poehler. It doesn’t hurt that I went to the same college and theater department as Rudd (plus he was wearing our school’s shirt in this film). There are cameos up the yingyang throughout this movie. You’ll laugh as you recognize each person and even more when they are acting completely off the wall. Like I said, I laughed a lot in this movie, but it does have some shortcomings that hurt the overall comedic experience. I guess that’s what you face when you watch a spoof. It might also help to watch a lot of classic Romance films first before seeing this, so that you’ll understand the references.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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They Came Together (2014)


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