Need for Speed (2014)

I’ve got the need, the need to exceed the posted vehicular speed limits. This movie was fun. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I had a good time watching it. The acting was atrocious at times and the writing seemed to have stalled out. When the rubber hits the road this movie can be pretty fun. There are a few surprising moments (falling off the canyon attached to a Marine chopper) that really widen your eyes. Michael Keaton is the best part of this movie, he’s a crazy radio D.J. that channels his inner Beetlejuice. Imogen Poots is as beautiful and prim and proper as usual. Aaron Paul was a decent star of the film, don’t hate me but I like him better than Paul Walker (as far as car racing movies go). This will be a guilty pleasure for some. I can’t really recommend this to anyone unless you just love cars or the video game series this movie is based on.



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Need for Speed (2014)


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