Moms’ Night Out (2014)

Never. Go. Out. Again. Mainly for the sake of my stress levels. I didn’t hate this comedy that seems to be a Christian, Family-Friendly riff on The Hangover. The movie did have some funny and endearing moments. The thing that got to me was the fact that it started off stressful and was stressful for most of the film. I finally got to breathe at the end, and felt that the end was the most enjoyable part because the stress wasn’t turned up to 110%. Sarah Drew was a good lead, with the most amazing hair I’ve seen in Hollywood in a while. Sean Astin’s role was too small in my opinion, I would have liked to have his story fleshed out a bit more. Trace Adkins was such a fun and lovable Teddy Bear of muscle & awesomeness; and his deep resounding voice is so awesome. Abbie Cobb was adorable and did very well as an up-and-coming star. I really liked her and not because I might have met her a few times. As far as the hatred this movie gets about whether moms need to be slaves to their kids or how men seem to not be able to do anything right… plus, the whole feminism attacks or whether this had too much of a Christian story… I think it’s all a bit unfair. If this film deserves any criticism it should be on the fact that the story is too stressful and doesn’t make it a relaxing Mother’s Day movie to unwind to. That’s just my opinion, though.


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Moms’ Night Out (2014)


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