Home Alone (1990)

Keep the change, you filthy animal! I love this film. It was awesome when I was little and it’s still awesome today. I always forget this is a Christmas film but man, it’s probably up there with some of my favorite Christmas films. I’ll have to add this to the list of movies to see on the holidays. I love the traps Macaulay Culkin laid out for his would-be pursuers. It reminded me of the Saw movies with how devious they were, and painful. The two robbers (Pesci and Stern) were great, especially Stern with his excellent facial expressions. I forgot John Candy has an appearance in this, it made me sad but he has a sweet and funny cameo. My biggest complaint is that the attack on the robbers was too short, but otherwise this film has a lot of funny and touching moments that makes it an instant classic.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

For more information on this film,
visit the imdb.com page:
Home Alone (1990)


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