Sabotage (2014)

Seems like a monkey wrench got thrown into the gears of the writing for this film. It was overly violent, overly crass and overly dumb. Arnold looked a little too old in this film, he makes Clint Eastwood look like a spring chicken. Olivia Williams was pretty good, although she was very underused. Terrence Howard once again proves he might have ruined his career by turning down the Iron Man sequels. He now seems to live in these very forgettable films when he used to be a star. Mireille Enos looked really gross in this and her eyes freak me out. This movie is fine I guess, I’m pretty sure a month from now I’ll forget that I even saw it. I still can’t get over how violent this movie got, for no good reason. It started looking like a Saw film at one point. I’d say watch this only if you are obsessed with Schwarzenegger.


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Sabotage (2014)


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