Rage a.k.a. “Tokarev” (2014)

This films other title “Rage” is more apt because it put me into a rage once the film ended. Nicolas Cage, what in the blue heck were you thinking when you did this film? It’s so stupid. It starts off like Taken and then deflates you minutes later with a twist and then annoys you beyond belief when you see the final twist at the end. The writing in this is really bad, like we took this film that was in another language and then ran it through a bad translator into English bad. Nicolas Cage’s line “You’re a RAAAAAAAAAAAAAT” might be one of the most ridiculous lines I’ve ever heard Cage say, maybe any actor… The two points this film earned comes from Rachel Nichols being pretty, but even that isn’t enough to wash away the terribleness that this film attached to my eyeballs.


Half Reel

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Rage (2014)


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