Con Air (1997)

Buckle up and put the bunny back in the box! This high flying thriller is pretty awesomely bad. Nicolas Cage probably sports one of Hollywood’s worst Southern accents and his lines aren’t written that well either. This sometimes adds to the comedy of the film. The movie also has a great crew of bad guys like Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Dave Chappelle, Colm Meaney and best of all John Malkovich. Malkovich steals the show with his overly crazy antics and maniacal look. The movie seems a little long for an action flick but it does have some neat moments. The body getting dropped from the plane with a message is very iconic. Monica Potter needs to be mentioned as well, she is a Southern Goddess in this film. It’s a fun way to waste time, just don’t expect this movie to win any artistic awards.



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Con Air (1997)


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