Batman Forever (1995)

Batman meets the Sandlot. For…ev…er. Ok, maybe it’s not that cool but it’s still a pretty fun Batman film. Out of the early films this is my second favorite one. The original with Michael Keaton is still my favorite. Val Kilmer is actually a decent Batman and Bruce Wayne. This movie is Nicole Kidman’s most beautiful role. Drew Barrymore had a cute little cameo. Jim Carrey shines in the role as the Riddler. He adds so much entertainment value to the film. I think Tommy Lee Jones went a little over the top as Two-Face, and Chris O’Donnell is just as whiny as ever. The writing is pretty bad and the sets, costumes and just about everything is iffy… and yet, it’s still a fun movie with a good soundtrack. It’s worth seeing at least once if you like Batman.



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Batman Forever (1995)


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