Waterworld (1995)

A film experience not unlike drinking your own pee. Just like Kevin Costner had to do that to survive, I had to watch this movie to make it through my 90’s films. It was quite unpleasant and not very refreshing. Costner is an unlikable fish-person, jerk and is just a terrible movie hero. Dennis Hopper was a little funny, but this was also by far one of his worst roles. Jeanne Tripplehorn is about the only delightful creature in the film and got me through this lengthy behemoth of a film. I was honestly surprised that Tina Majorino was the little girl with the map on her back, I love her now… it’s just sad she ruined her childhood with this film. I’d avoid this one if you can do so, it’ll just leave a bad taste in your mouth.


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Waterworld (1995)


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