Serial Mom (1994)

I never use the “P” word out loud, let alone write it down… but in the case of this movie, I must say it was nearly perfect! Serial Mom is one of those hidden gem movies that many people probably don’t hear about. It was released as an HBO movie and I’ve come to adore it over the years. It’s based on a true story and follows a nearly perfect (there’s that word again) suburban mother and the killing spree that she goes on. Kathleen Turner is killer in this role, Matthew Lillard is hilarious and even Rikki Lake isn’t too bad. Some of the lines are so fun to quote and I feel like this film has a great mix of comedy and horror elements. Just be careful not wearing white shoes after labor day, or this mamma is going to get you!



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Serial Mom (1994)


2 thoughts on “Serial Mom (1994)

    • Yeah, it’s one of my favorite movies that I loved watching when I was growing up. It’s just so fun. I agree, almost every time I bring this movie up, nobody has heard of it. A real shame.

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