Anna (2013)

Anna is bananas in this thriller about a girl who has some issues and they send a “Mind Detective” to just get her to stop her hunger strike. As Mark Strong finds out, no matter how strong you are, sometimes these cases can be trickier than you think. I love the whole mind detective thing, it sounds lame saying it loud or even typing it, but what these detectives can do is relive people’s memories by holding their hands and entering minds. Mark Strong enters Anna’s (Taissa Farmiga) mind and tries to figure out what has gone wrong in her life to cause her so many problems. This takes him down a dark path of sexual abuse, neglect, alcoholism and other terrible misdeeds that befall poor sweet Anna. It sounds dark and depressing, but it’s all very interesting and I just love Taissa Farmiga that I could watch her in anything. It’s worth looking into once.



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Anna (2013)


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