Rio 2 (2014)

Hopefully the Olympics go better than Rio 2’s story. The biggest disappointment of this film was the way it took a fun film from before and made it about leaving the city and joining the flock (birds of a feather, stick together) and of course taking down those evil tree-cutting guys. The whole story was a ripoff of Ferngully or Avatar. I did like some of the musical numbers, everyone had a great singing voice, and the evil Shakespearean Parrot was so funny. Chenoweth as the Toxic Frog was fantastic as I really love her voice. Also the aardvark was really adorable and fun with his long tongue and penchant for licking up ants… but like I said, the story dragged this movie down. It had all the talent in animation and voice work and a basis of a fun film from before, they just decided to get all hippy-dippy tree-hugging and banding with your same skin, er… feather colored friends. I’d skip this one and watch the original.


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Rio 2 (2014)


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