Hook (1991)

I wouldn’t say I was completely Hooked on this like I was when I was younger, but this film remains to be a very sharp adventure film. Dustin Hoffman steals the show as Captain Hook, Robin Williams is a very odd choice for an aged Peter Pan. Maggie Smith is obviously a vampire because she looks the same age in this film as she does today. She never ages! I thought the story was cute as a sequel to the Peter Pan story we all know and love with some new twists. Some of the story has some odd plot-holes like Pan’s children forgetting who he was after two days. Still, this movie still holds up after all this time with adorable Julia Roberts as Tink and John Williams music swelling in the background. I’ll end with this… Ruuuu Fiiii Ooooo… Ruuuu Fiii Oooo!


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Hook (1991)


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