Divergent (2014)

Divergent’s definition is: “tending to be different”. This movie couldn’t be further from its namesake. Divergent should be renamed “conforming” because really, that’s what this movie is about, fitting in. You take a test, you find out what faction you excel in, but you don’t have to choose that necessarily… but of course you choose the cool kids who do stunts faction (why not)… because it’s more fun to conform with them. The divergent thing for young Beatrice, would have been to join the farming community. You see these kids of the future can choose from these factions: Farmer, Lawyer, Scientist, Cop and Humanitarian. So as you can see, the series would be so DIVERGENT to choose one of the weirder job choices, like a farmer. Oh well, the movie does have some slick moments and Shailene Woodley is pretty much a Goddess of Hollywood’s young elite. There are a lot of beautiful people doing exciting things, it’s just too eerily familiar to the Hunger Games and Harry Potter. It’s worth watching just to see Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley be enemies after seeing them in the Spectacular Now. See it or don’t, just depends if you want to be divergent or a conformist.



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Divergent (2014)


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