Clerks (1994)

It’s too bad this movie is so good, because otherwise I’d give this a 37! If you don’t get that joke, then I would say, watch this movie and come back to my review. Clerks is a pretty unique film. I love that it’s filmed in black and white. It has a feel like the film was taped on the security cameras in the stores. All the characters are hilarious, even the extras. There are some fantastic monologues like the chewing gum vendor’s speech, who starts a riot over cigarettes. This movie perfectly encapsulates what it is like to be a clerk in retail. I’ve done both cashiering and worked at a video store, and I must say this movie nails it. You get crazy questions, weird customers and odd situations happen to you. When I worked at a video store a man high on hydrogen peroxide could have pulled a knife on me (thankfully all his sharp items were confiscated from the police). Randal might be one of my favorite characters in a movie ever. Check this out for its great wit and life truths that come with retail. Just watch out, it’s a bit vulgar at times.



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Clerks (1994)


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