Winter’s Tale (2014)

A tale that gave me chills. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this movie the whole time. For a large portion of this film, I cocked my head to the side at stared at it in a confused fashion. Was this a romance film? Angels and Demons film? Was it a ripoff of Stardust? I really couldn’t piece it all together. I thought Farrell did a good job and Jessica Brown Findlay might be one of the most beautiful girls ever in film (I loved the sections she was in). Will Smith played Lucifer, which was funny and cool at the same time. The whole movie has a mysterious tone, that in the end doesn’t wrap up well, but just like Farrell did on his flying horse/dog made of light… I enjoyed the ride. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re a sap for romance like me, you’ll dig it.



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Winter’s Tale (2014)


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