Stalingrad (2013)

Congrats Stalingrad! This movie was a lot better than I was expecting, for a 3D film based on World War II. The 3D part confused me, but I went with it. I thought the visuals were pretty nice, and I liked a lot of the characters. The film was dubbed for English over the Russian speaking parts, it was a little corny, so watch it with all subtitles to skip the silly voices. It kept my attention pretty well, for being over two hours long. I thought the framing device of the narrator was strange, he was a search and rescue agent during the Japanese tsunami disaster… and to calm down a hurt woman, he tells her the story of his mother and the five soldiers that saved her. The movie steals a lot from 300, so be prepared for that. Otherwise, not horrible, just fine, I guess.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Stalingrad (2013)


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