Endless Love (2014)

This movie felt like it was endless because it was boring and had a long run time. It started off a little like Romeo and Juliet. A boy that wasn’t welcome dating a rich daughter from an important family. Then it just spirals into being really lame. The main character David, played by Alex Pettyfer, acted more feminine than Gabriella Wilde. They made the father of Gabriella incredible unlikable, to the point where he crushes the boy’s college dreams. The script is cliche ridden and I found it hard to believe that a girl as beautiful as Wilde was an unpopular recluse in high school. All the romance cliches are there, they betrayals and making up later. It’s hard to watch because it adds nothing new and will annoy you to no end. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this at all.



For more information on this film,
visit the imdb.com page:
Endless Love (2014)


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