The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

I’d like to cancel my reservation. Although, this honestly isn’t the worst Wes Anderson film I’ve seen. The Royal Tenenbaums is like a smoking, single bed room across from the pool and near the elevator. The Grand Budapest is just a shabby older hotel room that has a view of the wall of the IHOP next door. You can live with it, you just feel bored staring at that wall instead of the ocean. Ralph Fiennes saved this movie by being pretty funny, his quiet Lobby Boy was another vapid weird character that I’m sure Wes Anderson LOVED. This once again, like all Anderson films has a large great cast that is vastly underused, and their talent should be used elsewhere in much better films. It could have been much worse, so I’m thankful it was as good as it was. I still wouldn’t recommend it.


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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


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