Mater and the Ghostlight (2006)

I still don’t like the Cars series. Talking cars just don’t do anything for me. It’s just hard to stay invested in these characters. Still, this wasn’t terrible, and it has a few good laughs. It also has just as many moments where I felt like rolling my eyes. Mater is the Tow-Truck character and he spends most of this short film jumping out and scaring unsuspecting vehicle-things. To get back at him the police car tells the story of the Ghostlight (which doesn’t seem scary at all) and then, the scare the tow rope right off of Mater. It’s fine, it’s nothing special. I guess you might love it if you love Cars, otherwise if you are like me it will be forgettable.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Mater and the Ghostlight (2006)


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