Batman Returns (1992)

Batman returns but he’s acting a little batty. This sequel is quite odd. Tim Burton had free reign to unleash his weirdness for this return to the loony Gotham City. This time even more animal-like characters join the fray. Catwoman and the Penguin add a twinge of weirdness. I guess Catwoman became a cat after she takes a fall and gets bit and licked by cats. The Penguin is also a conundrum because he has almost more “Joker-like” minions than the Joker had. Michael Keaton is still a bad Bruce Wayne but a decent Batman. I really liked Pfeiffer’s performance and Tim Burton’s Gothic style works well, but he got a little too goofy with this one.



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Batman Returns (1992)


One thought on “Batman Returns (1992)

  1. I enjoyed your quick review although no convincing is required when it comes to watching a film starring Michelle Pfeiffer. I always find her impossibly entertaining, especially in her turn as Selina Kyle.
    I always say she essentially played three roles in Batman Returns. Mousey Selina Kyle, Born Again Selina Kyle, and Catwoman. The scene were she comes back to her apartment after the fall was just incredible.

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