Schindler’s List (1993)

A perfectly touching, gritty and beautiful masterpiece. I don’t love everything Steven Spielberg does, but he did a great job with this film. My biggest problem is that it is a very lengthy movie (I watched it in three parts) but I understand the journey he had to take the audience through. I loved the black and white filming with a pop of color at certain segments of the plot. The characters were all lovable even Ralph Fiennes, the man you love to hate. Liam Neeson gives a stellar performance and breaks your heart at the end of the film. The final scene of the film with the survivors is enough to make anyone cry their eyes out. I also have to give some great credit to Ben Kingsley in his great role, he isn’t a man of great emotion but he performed it beautifully. This will truly be a classic for ages.



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Schindler’s List (1993)


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