The Past (2013)

In the past, I wouldn’t have liked a film like this, but I thought this was pretty darn good. The characters that you think you should hate, end up being the most level-headed ones. The actors were all great. I loved Berenice Bejo as the mother. The drama was strong and there is quite the little twist towards the end. It did feel overly long at times, but it was nothing compared to Blue is the Warmest Color. I actually wanted to sit through the movie to the end and see how everyone’s tangle lives turn out.


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The Past (2013)


2 thoughts on “The Past (2013)

  1. Good review Ryan. A lot of talking here, but it’s all done for a reason, and that’s to get us better and more acquainted with just who it is exactly that we’re dealing with here.

    • Yeah, the movie had some length to it and there was a lot of talking. Yet, I loved it. Good movie on divorce. I actually cared about most of the characters. Thanks for the comment!

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