Gravity (2013)

I can’t help but sing “Defying Gravity” in my head as I type this review. I defy the fact that this movie is good. It is by far one of the worst disaster movies that I have seen and I thought that the Day After Tomorrow was going to hold that title for the rest of my life. Horrible acting by Sandra Bullock (her monologues made me turn away from the screen in embarrassment) George Clooney couldn’t have been spaced into the atmosphere any sooner, as he was just playing himself. The plot device was really cheap and made no sense…
Also, Sandra Bullock having six months of formal NASA training (after working in a hospital): 1. Can fly escape pods. 2. Read Russian. and *SPOILER ALERT*
3. Land an escape pod in a fresh water lake (a frog is seen swimming by her and there is only one species of Frog that can really live *near* saltwater) where she can just climb on to land and be ok.

I also loved that when on the Russian Space Station there are floating chess pieces and on the Chinese Station there are ping pong paddles (since Russians only play Chess and Chinese play space ping pong).
There is so much wrong with this film that I would go triple or quadruple over my short length I set for my reviews. So I will end with this: The movie is over-hyped due to its visuals and 3D effects that people saw in movie theaters and IMAX. Otherwise, on the small screen, it’s a made for TV movie.


Half Reel

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Gravity (2013)


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