Frances Ha (2013)

Frances Sigh. This movie starring Greta Gerwig is so pointless. It was like watching Greta’s movie “Greenberg” again but with a gender swap. I love Gerwig but these pointless films that just follow people around in their boring lives needs to stop. I found very little comedy in this. The black and white seemed to be put in there to be “artsy” and for it only being slightly over 80 minutes long it felt like it took hours to finish. A waste of a good actor and a waste of my time. This movie was Frances Blah.



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Frances Ha (2013)


2 thoughts on “Frances Ha (2013)

    • Yeah, not very often does a movie make you want to go out and do your own thing than watch them do it. Being an actor myself I saw Gerwig’s problems with roommates and money problems with job problems on top of that. I get it… life sucks sometimes for artists. Still, the movie dragged on and on and on. Thanks for all of your comments! I enjoy the interaction.

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